Our Brands

Glow Ice Creams

At GLOW° Ice Creams, we redefine the frozen dessert experience. Our mission is driven by an unwavering passion for crafting and offering the most exquisite gourmet ice cream, infused with authentic flavors. With a foundation built on two decades of experience, commitment, and a spirit of innovation, creativity lies at the heart of every product we produce. This makes us the perfect choice to fulfill all your ice cream requirements.

Dinner's Ready
Say goodbye to the dinner dilemma! Life's rush shouldn't compromise your love for home-cooked perfection. Welcome to Dinner's Ready – where traditional, hand-prepared meals meet artisanal flair in small batches. Our expertise in sous vide cooking ensures mouthwatering meats, flash-frozen for ultimate freshness. Say hello to the joy of 'DINNER'S READY!' and wave goodbye to dinner stress!